The Donkey what?

In 2015, we created an electronic lock and an automated, self-service bike-sharing system in a Copenhagen home basement. Since then, we’ve been taking that system on a ride around the world, while aiming to turn the bicycle into the hero of public transportation and a catalyst for greener, more liveable and less traffic-congested cities.

How the Donkeys came to be

It actually started back in 2012,  when founder Erdem Ovacik had a roommate in Copenhagen who put a few bikes out around the city that his friends could share when in need. He put combination locks on them, so that people wouldn’t have to exchange keys, but only know a code. That’s when Erdem thought: “Why on Earth isn’t there an easier way to share your bike with anybody, anytime?”

From that to the Donkey Republic operating today, it took quite a few brainstorming sessions over beers, business plans, applications for funding schemes, co-founder onboardings, locks built on sleepless nights, doors closing, others opening – and a lot of passion and resilience.

Okay, but still: what’s with the donkey?

Once, a donkey would be the most accessible, dependable and commonplace means of transportation. Nowadays, when our cities are suffocated by boxes of metal, the humble bicycle is taking the role of its hoofed ancestor as a convenient and pragmatic device of urban mobility. So there you have it – we’re the Donkey Republic because we believe that the future of mobility depends on one of the simplest, most plain and unpretentious vehicles ever invented.

Join us

RoR Backend Engineer

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer. As we’re taking our automated bike-sharing system to new markets, it’s becoming more complex, more challenging, but also really, really exciting. That’s why we need you to join forces with our lead backend developer, app developers and product designer in building a leading-edge service.

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Customer Support Crew

We are looking for an energetic crew to join our support team and deliver service to our riders and partners when they have questions about the service.

You will join forces with 2 other support crew to help our riders and partners. Both via support calls and emails. We use Zendesk as our support tool. The primary 5 days you will be working with us is within Mondays to Sundays (either from 0900 to 1700 or from 0900 to 1900). Most of the time, you will work either Saturdays or Sundays, subjected to the scheduling with other support crew.

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Chief Financial Officer

We are looking for an ambitious CFO who can take the company to the next level. Your task will be to structure Donkey Republic accounting and book-keeping processes, as well as financing operations of bicycles for partners in Europe and beyond, so the business maintains its agility and scalability. We prioritise motivation of candidates over specific experience, and are also able to provide flexibility in working hours or days for the right candidate.

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Content & Social Media Marketing Intern

We’re looking for a creative storyteller. Someone who overflows with personality in their work, whether it be a blog article, hashtag, or the filter selection in their Instagram feed. You can invoke a lust for adventure with a simple turn of phrase or a perfectly framed photo. You understand how connections are made in our hyper-connected world, and it’s not a guessing game for you – purpose and strategy are built into your storytelling with a watchful eye over the tools, networks, and evaluation required to build effective engagement and influence.

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PR Manager

We are looking for a hustling PR Manager to develop and execute PR strategies to expand our global presence and brand reputation in multiple markets. If you are hungry to take on the responsibility of developing our communications in digital and traditional media, and to grow into driving the PR strategy for a global company, then you could be the perfect addition to the Donkey Squad.

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The Donkey Squad