Berlin bike-share membership

Berlin bike-share membership

The best damn bike-share service
Berlin has ever seen.

In a few weeks we are launching 2 membership plans for German locals who need easy access to a rental bike regularly. Maybe it’s a backup bike when you have a flat, or when you get stuck in traffic and you need a fast way out. Or maybe you prefer a convenient share bike for everyday use.

You can already register for one of the membership plans below. This way you’ll be the first one to know when you can start using it in the Donkey Republic app.

Membership plans

30min – € 0,94 
12hr – € 6,38
24hr – € 7,50

Return to pick-up location – FREE
Flex drop-off locations – € 5,00


30min – € 0,63
12hr – € 4,25
24hr – € 5,00

Return to pick-up location – FREE
Flex drop-off locations – € 5,00



Keep your bike

Keep your bike

Take the bike right to your destination, lock it, and it’ll still be waiting for you after your work/party/date. Longer period rentals mean you don’t need to always look for a station.

150+ locations in Berlin

150+ locations in Berlin

Check out the Berlin map. You might not have seen us yet, but our shiny Donkey Bikes are everywhere. You’ll always have a convenient solution for pick-up or drop-off all around the city.

40+ cities around the world

40+ cities around the world

A membership gives you similar benefits in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, Vienna… there’s a lot of them. We’re ready for your vaycay cycling needs.


Do I need to live in Berlin?

Not really. Berlin memberships are available for German residents. You will need to have a valid German payment card to qualify for purchase.

We will launch memberships in more cities in the coming months so stay tuned.

Can I drop the bike anywhere?

Almost. Returning to your pick-up location is always free, while Flex Drop-off at alternative locations available in the app costs €5. We’ve made it relatively cheap to keep the bike longer so you can return to the same location e.g. after work.

Why? Relocation of bikes around the city is the most expensive part of running a bike-share service, and many systems around the world have failed because they underestimated that expense. Our aim is to keep our rental cost low and only make riders pay for relocation if they use it. We don’t aim to make a profit off that relocation fee, just to cover our expenses. We expect that over time we will be able to reduce that fee as the system becomes more efficient.

Can I cancel my membership? Do I get a refund?

You can cancel at anytime and your membership will end immediately. We don’t give partial refunds for the remaining time in your current billing period.

You can also choose to pay for the Commuter Membership yearly at a discounted rate and the same applies. Unless we have screwed up big time we don’t issue partial refunds for remaining time after you cancel.

Are the rental prices the same everywhere?

The listed rental prices are the standard Berlin Membership prices available in nearly all locations in Berlin. Select locations may have a higher or lower price. The prices are subject to change, but the plan is that it will get cheaper over time. We will give you plenty of warning if prices are going up.

You get a similar cheap rate in all Donkey Republic cities around the world. That rate is based on the particular city’s standard price, which is usually pretty similar or cheaper than Berlin.

Am I insured?

As a member you are insured for bike-theft while the bike is under your care. You are not insured for damage you inflict on the bike, harm to yourself or 3rd party harm. Read more about the coverage of the bike-theft insurance.

Take care of your Donkey. This is bike-sharing.

How do I change plans?

To change plans you can cancel your plan at any time and purchase the other plan. Note that you will not receive a refund for any remaining time left in a billing period.

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