Urban cycling in Spain – an infographic

Similar to many urban agglomerations around the world, Spanish cities are facing increasing levels of traffic congestion, pollution, overpopulation and related issues of health and wellbeing. In an effort to address these issues, quite a few of them are looking, among other things, at alternative mobility solutions and find in the humble bicycle an unlikely hero of public transportation. In this comparative infographic, we analyse the current state of the cycling culture and infrastructure in the biggest Spanish cities to have promoted cycling as a means of transportation in recent years.

Infographic about cycling culture and infrastructure in Spain

Sabina Fratila

Sabina sees the world in symbols and metaphors, and leaves no stone unturned. The rocks in Copenhagen seemed particularly intriguing when she relocated here in October 2015, so she got a two-wheeled sidekick and is now on a quest to uncover the city's secrets.

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