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Freiburg cycling guide

Bike rental in Freiburg

On the edge of the Black Forest, neighbouring France and Switzerland lies Germany’s sunniest city. The small town of Freiburg is considered as the green capital of Germany and the  “city of short distances”. It’s a young university city with a large academic and sustainable-thinking community, where cycling is a very popular way of getting around. Renting a bike has never been easier, check our bike rental locations in Freiburg in the Donkey Republic app.

On the right path

The small town of Freiburg has over 450 km of cycle paths and one third of all roads are covered with marked bike lanes – the perfect place to rent a bike. You may pedal through bike-friendly streets, shared bike paths and some separated cycle lanes with your rental bike. Freiburg is on the right path towards sustainable city planning, it was one of the first cities to ban cars from its city center and make it the center of social life instead.

How to explore Freiburg on a bike

Once you have rented your bike with the Donkey Republic app, you are set to explore Freiburg from the best possible angle – the saddle of your iron horse. Take a ride along the river Dreisam, explore the best restaurants in the city, head to the Old Town and pedal your rental bike to Freiburg University if you want to mingle with students. When you rent a Donkey bike in Freiburg you can also easily reach the surrounding nature, lakes and hikes.


Cycling in the Old Town of Freiburg

The Old Town of Freiburg also called the “city’s carpet” is the spark of social life, promenading and conversations. It is also an area where staring at your bike wheels is actually the appropriate way to explore, in order not to miss the tile art and little streams – “Bächle” – in the pavement. Note, that some parts of the pedestrian zone like the Kaiser Joseph street, Münsterplatz, Augustinerplatz or Rathausplatz are also bike-free zones, so lock your rental bike and check out the Münsterplatz Market and great places to eat in the Old Town. For a traditional dinner go to Martin’s Bräu.

Cycling to other neighbourhoods of Freiburg

If you bike to the edge of the city centre, on Niemensstraße you will find relaxed cafes and bars, a very popular area for a night out in Freiburg. From there Stühlinger, a vibrant student area is only a short ride away on your rental bike full of little neighborhood cafes. Freiburg is a quite small and concentrated city, although if you are up for discoveries, Weihre is a neighbourhood just 10 minutes bike ride south of the center and over the Dreisam. A quiet residential area with nice places to shop and eat.

Cycling outside of Freiburg

Once you have seen all the angles of the Old Town of Freiburg (also from the Freiburg Cathedral), maybe it’s time to take your Donkey Bike a little out of town and explore the nature of Breisgau. If you are up for a ride, take a trip to lake Titisee, enjoy a boat ride or take a full spa day at the Paradise after all the cycling . You can also plan a longer trip to the nearby mountain of Schauinsland and take the Schauinslandbahn to the top! Beautiful views, fresh air and more space for Flammkuchen – a typical dish, delicious dough with any kinds of toppings you could think of.

German cycling rules

In safe hands

Always use hand signals to communicate your intentions while riding your rental bike. One hand straight up means stopping, right hand to the side – turning right, left hand to the side … you get the drill.

Fall in line

Riding two abreast is forbidden on roads – always ride single file even in a bicycle lane. I know, that sounds so German!

You’ve only got 2 wheels

It is illegal for bicycles to be on the autobahn, so don’t be caught trying to race 120 Km/h traffic.

Stay sober or park your bike

Don’t even think about cycling under the influence of alcohol or drugs – you’ll face a hefty fine if you do, not to mention the risk of an accident. Also, well, we don’t want a smashed up rental bike 🙂

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