5 reasons Copenhageners love their bridges

1.     They’re fun! Forget about rollercoasters and go carting. Once you ride across Slangebroen (the snake bridge) here in CPH, you’ll want to do it again and again. The turns and the surface, I absolutely love it. I bet you won’t see anyone not smiling, when they cross that bridge.

Hello, sunshine!
Hello, sunshine!
Only bikes allowed. But of course.
Only bikes allowed. But of course.

2.     They’ll take you to a completely new part of town. Whether it’s Østerbro, Nørrebro, Vesterbro or Central Copenhagen – crossing a new bridge takes you to a new borough. Which also makes it easy to know when you’ve actually crossed into a new borough, something I found immensely tricky when I first moved to Copenhagen. Can I recommend you cross Dronning Louises bro and enjoy the sudden change in scenery from central Copenhagen?

3.     The view is great. It’s simply always super pretty. Whether the sun is out, flickering across the surface of the lakes or the canals, or it’s freezing cold and you almost sense a thin ice floating on the water, it is always absolutely beautiful. And you are always welcome to stop, enjoy the scenery or take a picture. Just make sure you let the people behind you know.

Looking up at the bridge, from the lakes.
Looking up at the bridge, from the lakes.
Beautiful view from Knippelsbro
Beautiful view from Knippelsbro

4.     They’re great for hangouts. If you’re in Copenhagen on a sunny day, head to Dronnings Louises bro. You’ll see people hanging out on the actual bridge, bringing music, beer and of course their best friends. And everyone’s welcome to join in.

I took this picture last spring - it was one of the first sunny days this year
I took this picture last spring – it was one of the first sunny days this year

5.     They’re super pretty. OK, maybe this is just me, but I am a massive sucker for bridges. During my years in London I could spend so many hours enjoying their beautiful bridges (Millennium being a personal favorite). The view, the way they’re built – it continues to amaze me. I can especially recommend Slangebroen and Trangravsbroen for some enjoyable bridge-experiences.

IN LOVE. Can you spot the super cool houseboat in the background?
IN LOVE. Can you spot the super cool houseboat in the background?

Nice bike facts:

At Dronnings Louise bro there’s a machine counting the amount of bikes passing on that specific day and for the full year. It makes me happy every time I look at it.

Some day there will be a bridge from Nyhavn to Holmen. Everyone in Copenhagen is waiting with great anticipation. Unfortunately, the company that started building the bridge went bankrupt, so no one knows when the work will get going again.

The bridges you cross to go across the lakes used to be the bridges taking people into Copenhagen. In the old days the lakes were moats, keeping enemies from entering. Now the perfect hangout place for swans and ducks.

Camilla Gilbro

Even though she stays true to her Danish roots, Camilla would always trade off eating for traveling, which is quite a statement, considering she loves food. She's been biking regularly since she moved to Copenhagen in 2008.

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