Malmö bike-share membership

Malmö bike-share membership

Easy access to rental bikes you can keep
for as long as you need, at home or on your travels.

Why it's worth it

The bike

The bike

You get access to thousands of light and comfortable city bikes you can unlock with a tap on your phone. They are always insured against theft and you never need to pay any deposits!

To keep for longer

To keep for longer

Our system and pricing model facilitate renting a bike for longer than just a ride. You can lock the bike when you get to work/the supermarket/a party and have it waiting for you when you leave.

Always nearby

Always nearby

There are many pick-up and drop-off locations available around Malmö – check out the city map! Whenever you’re in need, check the Donkey Republic app and find the nearest bike.

At home and away

At home and away

With your Malmö membership, you can rent bikes at similarly cheap prices in any other city where we have bikes. Think about Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, and many more on two wheels!

Ready to sign up?

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Wait, which plan should I choose?

You’re a City Tripper

if you need a spare bike from time to time. When your bike gets stolen or has a flat, when you’re out at night, bikeless and don’t want to wait an hour for the bus, when you’re stuck in traffic and only a swift bike ride could save you, or when you just want to enjoy a city on two wheels, at home or abroad!

You’re a Commuter

if you need a bike for daily use. You have a long commute and are tired of carrying your own bike on the train, or you can’t bike from home and need a last mile solution to work, or maybe you simply don’t want to worry about maintaining your own bike and fear it could get stolen every day. Donkey bikes are regularly fixed, insured against theft, and always nearby when you need one!

OK, sign me up!

Open the Donkey Republic app to sign up with the special offer on bike-share memberships.




Do I need to live in Malmö?

No. Malmö memberships are available for all Swedish residents. You only need to have a valid Swedish payment card to qualify for purchase. In order for the app to show you the relevant membership plans available, you must be within 50km of Malmö.

Can I drop the bike anywhere?

During your rental, you can lock your bike anywhere. At the end of the rental, you can return to your pick-up location (free), or to alternative locations visible in the app (30 kr. for non Commuter members). Our system makes it easier and cheaper to rent a bike for longer, so you can get around the city the whole day / weekend and then return the bike at a convenient location.

Why? Relocation of bikes around the city is the most expensive part of running a bike-share service, and many systems around the world have failed because they underestimated that expense. Our aim is to keep our rental cost low and minimize relocation needs. We don’t make any profit off the alternative drop-off price, just cover our expenses. As the system becomes more efficient, we will reduce the alternative drop-off price as well.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can always cancel your membership in the app – here’s how. Your member status will be revoked immediately, so no more cheap bike rentals 🙁

Keep in mind that we can’t give partial refunds for the remaining time in your current billing period. If you paid a yearly subscription, the same applies. Unless we have screwed up big time, we don’t issue partial refunds for the remaining time after you cancel.

Are the rental prices the same everywhere?

The listed rental prices are the standard Malmö Membership prices available in nearly all locations in Malmö. Particular locations may have a higher or lower price. The prices are subject to change, but the plan is that it will get cheaper over time. We will give you plenty of warning if prices are going up.

You get a similar cheap rate in all Donkey Republic cities around the world. That rate is based on the particular city’s standard price, which is usually pretty similar to Malmö.

More on bike-share memberships here.

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