Rain and the city

OK. I might have tried to avoid this topic so far, as I think anybody would if they were interested in either visiting Copenhagen or biking – and especially if both. However, I’ve just survived the rainiest month in Denmark while also biking every day, and, looking back, I can feel my face shaping into the NOT BAD meme. So I thought I could share some of the coping skills I’ve acquired in the process, as well as a few reasons why biking in the rain is really rather peachy.

Rainy days aren't all that grey.
Rainy days aren’t all that grey.

First off, riding through morning rain brings you back to life like nothing else. If you’re having a slow morning, just head out and saddle up. Once you start pedalling, it’s already too late to back out. As you go, you start building up that resolute demeanour you always see on Danes’ faces when they bike, and soon enough you’ll have the best adrenaline rush you can experience without having to jump off a bridge.

You’ll say “yeaaah, but starting is the hardest part”. Well, this trick might help: you know that leftover snaps from the customary Danish dinner? Gulp a shot before going out and you’ll get all warmed up and ready to take up the challenge.

You know what, though?  I don’t even want to paint such a chilling picture about biking in the rain, because, in the end, it’s not only as normal as any other kind of biking, but actually a nice experience.

Feel the fresh smell of damp grass after rain on the way to work? Check!
Feel the fresh smell of damp grass after rain on the way to work? Check!

After that adrenaline rush wears off, you start noticing the smell, the sound, and how the city gets fresh and clean. Copenhagen under rainfall is such a wonderfully romantic sight, so it would be a shame to miss it just because you think that drizzle is annoying. After all, nothing should stop you from exploring this beautiful city, and I would say it’s better to bike through the downpour than stand in it while you wait for the bus (I’m not even considering the subway; you’re here to SEE the city, right?). Plus, have you seen how fashionable rain clothes are here? If you wanted an excuse to do some shopping, here it is. Just check out RAINS or Ilse Jacobsen and you’ll see what I mean.

Keep it funky.
Keep it funky.

Honestly, you shouldn’t need any more convincing to just get out there and enjoy the rain.

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