Sarita and her bike

Remember we started a series of interviews with people and their bikes (yes, you eyebrow-raiser, we talk to bikes as well, we’re that awesome)? Well, today we meet Sarita, a communications professional and gifting nerd.

On her blog, The Orange Gift Bag, she shares a ton of great ideas; check out, for example, these 10 cool bike accessories to rock your ride in Denmark or these cool experiences in Copenhagen you can gift to loved ones. You can also follow Sarita on Twitter and Instagram.

Sarita moved to Copenhagen 4 years ago and only got into biking after a year and a half. Once she saddled up, though, she never went back. Here’s what we talked about:

A secret only your bike knows

When I bike somewhere, I often schedule more time than what Google Maps recommends, so I can stop to explore interesting spots, discover new boutiques and take pictures.

Favourite destination to reach on a bike

Fælledparken. It’s this awesome huge green park in the middle of the city with lots of things to do. I love taking my six-year-old there, and it’s just a five-minute ride from home.

How did biking change your life?

It’s given me a sense of freedom. The fact that I can reach places quickly without having to depend on public transport is liberating. It has also made me more aware of what’s around me. Plus, it makes everyday life more active.

How could biking change the world?

For one, it can create a level playing field; bikes have such a low acquisition cost that it gives people across the social strata the opportunity to own their own environment-friendly mode of transport. Moreover, it can be empowering, especially for women. It confers freedom and self-reliance, and it comes with a rush of feel-good endorphins.

If your bike were an animal, which one would it be and why?

Two years and a half ago, we thought about moving back to India and I didn’t want to leave without having experienced biking. So a friend lent me her bike and I ended up keeping it. It’s actually a hand-me-down from my friend who got it from another friend, so it’s taken a few falls, but it’s sturdy and enduring while still giving me independence. So, I would have to say my bike is a horse.

We wish Sarita and her steed many happy rides. As for ourselves, we’ll be on the lookout for more interesting people on their bikes, so stick around!

Sabina Fratila

Sabina sees the world in symbols and metaphors, and leaves no stone unturned. The rocks in Copenhagen seemed particularly intriguing when she relocated here in October 2015, so she got a two-wheeled sidekick and is now on a quest to uncover the city's secrets.

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