The perfect Donkey joyride


For a lot of Copenhageners, their bike is like an extension of their body. It is a means of getting from A to B, and while they are certainly enjoying the ride, it’s serious business.

Therefore, there are definitely a few tips and tricks to make life as a cycling tourist as best and easy as possible. Here, we’ve gathered some of the things that are good to know, once you’ve picked up your bike [or as we would call it: Donkey] and are ready to experience this wonderful city on your two-wheeler.

Definite no-go’s

  • Gammel Kongevej on Frederiksberg is a definite no-go. This is probably the one route in the city that can get all Copenhageners annoyed, even when they’re not riding on it. Very narrow bike paths and plenty of bikers make this a street you’d want to walk along with your Donkey, rather than actually bike on it.
  • Central Copenhagen is for the skilled. No real bike paths and a lot of pedestrians make this a rather difficult place to bike. Instead, tie up your Donkey and go for a walk. There are so many cute shops and coffee places where you would want to stop all the time anyway.

Definite go-go’s

  • The inner part of Nørrebro just got an amazing new bike path. This route is perfect because it will take you from Nørreport (where you can pick up your Donkey), across the lakes and onto the northern part of Copenhagen. The new bike path here is so wide that you can take it easy and let the busy Copenhageners go right past you while you enjoy the view. Just make sure you stay on the right (as in opposite of left) side of the path. While you’re there, stop by one of the many coffee shops in the area, or grab a to-go coffee to enjoy by the lakes.
Riding through Nørrebro will also expose you to some compelling pieces of street art.
Riding through Nørrebro will also expose you to some compelling pieces of street art.
  • Have you heard of the Danish Bicycle Snake? Obviously, it’s not an actual snake, but a beautiful new bridge taking you from Dybbølsbro to Islands Brygge. You can enjoy beautiful architecture on either side of the bridge (as well as when you’re on it). Do a round of shopping before you get on the bridge from Dybbølsbro and enjoy some food and drinks by the canal when you reach Islands Brygge.

The you-can’t-leave-Copenhagen-without-doing-this’s

  • For the true city-bike lovers Copenhagen is generally a great city. But we do think we just have that little extra ‘oomph’ here. As an example, all the way from Nørrebro to Copenhagen Zoo you can go on the ‘green bike paths’. Basically, you’re going right through the city but surrounded by trees. That’s pretty cool, right?
  • A slow morning on a bench at Assistens Cemetery is a must. Grab your donkey and head on to the bike path we talked about previously. Once you see a yellow wall, you’re there. In here, a bunch of famous Danes is buried, and since it’s been a tradition for hundreds of years to do picnics between the graves, don’t hesitate to sit down with your to-go coffee and a croissant and enjoy this beautiful and peaceful oasis in the city.
Give your Donkey some rest while you have a stroll around Assistens Kirkegård
Give your Donkey some rest while you have a stroll around Assistens Kirkegård

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