VDV – New Mobility Forum in Germany

In June the New Mobility Forum was established in Germany. Transport companies, mobility start-ups and providers are joining forces under the arms of  The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) to plan the future of urban mobility together.

According to Oliver Wolff, CEO of VDV, the Charter is first and foremost an agreement of all participating partners and a framework of cooperation. He adds, that the New Mobility Forum should also signal to politicians responsible for mobility at the federal, state and local levels that VDV wants to tackle the challenges of future mobility together with these partners.

“The mobility sector is changing and considering the goals of environmental and climate protection, all new ideas and business models must be taken into account when designing future mobility. Public transport has always been the backbone of shared use of environmentally friendly, efficient and affordable mobility services. Some VDV member companies already offer car-sharing or bike sharing today. So it makes sense for the already established mobility service providers to develop ideas together with the providers of new sharing concepts, and implement them in order to shape the mobility of the future.” Says Oliver Wolff, CEO of VDV

“We need more efficiency: space, resources, energy and time need to be used more efficiently. These are the advantages of buses and trains, car sharing, ride pooling, bike sharing and micro mobility. Therefore, we should also promote this together in close partnership between municipalities and mobility providers. ” – Ingo Wortmann, President of VDV

“We want to ensure that there will be more mobility and less traffic in Germany in the future. This does not only apply to large cities and dense urban areas. To significantly reduce the use of private cars, we need a more attractive offer of public or publicly accessible transport services in rural areas as well. ” – Oliver Wolff  CEO of VDV

The Charter contains a total of 15 commitments and three main objectives:

  1. Public transport as a foundation for multimodal mobility
  2. The close partnership between municipalities and mobility providers as a driving force
  3. Digitisation as a mobility enabler

The Charter forms the content framework for further cooperation in the VDV New Mobility Forum. In addition, it is a key goal of the signatories to ensure the necessary acceptance of a change in mobility and the associated organisational, legal and political changes through the provisions of the Charter.

The founding members of the VDV New Mobility Forum
Cambio CarSharing (Car-Sharing)
CleverShuttle (On-Demand-Shuttle)
Donkey Republic (Bike-Sharing)
Door2Door (On-Demand-Shuttle)
Flash/Circ (E-Scooter-Sharing)
ioki (On-Demand-Shuttle)
Lime (E-Scooter- und Bike-Sharing)
Miles Mobility (Car-Sharing)
Mobike (Bike-Sharing)
MOIA (On-Demand-Shuttle)
Nextbike (Bike-Sharing)
moovel/Reach Now (On-Demand-Shuttle)
Share Now (Car-Sharing)
Sixt (Car-Rental und Car-Sharing)
Stadtmobil (Car-Sharing)
Tier Mobility (E-Scooter-Sharing)
Uber (Ride-Hailing und Bike-Sharing)
ViaVan (On-Demand-Shuttle)
Voi (E-Scooter-Sharing)
Wunder Mobility (Mobility Technology)

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