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Here at Donkey Republic we aim to adjust our bike-share system to be simple, efficient and convenient. After months of user testing and looking into rental behaviour statistics, we found that deciding the rental duration prior to the rental and paying upfront can create confusion.

We saw that a big chunk (60-70%) of rentals were ended before the booked rental period would have expired. This mainly affected rentals longer than 12 hours, proving it is hard to plan for anything longer than that.

Just in the last 30 days, Donkey bikes were booked for about 100K more hours than what they were actually used for and about 20% of these bookings would have fallen into a cheaper price range. On the other hand, about 10% of rentals were extended in the last 30 days.

We looked at these numbers, spent a lot of time understanding our riders’ behaviour and designing a pricing that is more fair. So from late this year we are moving to a whole new system that’s going to make your bike-life easier and more flexible.

Welcome to: Ride now, pay later

What is
Ride now, pay later?
As simple as it sounds, you book your Donkey first and only pay for the time you used it for, after you finished your rental. You will no longer have to decide upfront how long you need to rent a Donkey for or worry with extensions. From late 2018, Donkey Bike rentals will be charged after and according to your actual rental time. When you get on a bike you will always have an overview of the time and money you’ve spent on two wheels.

More biking for less
Our user research showed that long rentals are still very popular, we kept the pricing so it will still be worth keeping the bike for longer. If you need to rent a Donkey for several days for example, the “overnight price” will be less than €1. You won’t need to spend time calculating as you will be only paying for as much as you keep the bike for and you can end your rental when you don’t need the bike anymore.

bike-share prices
Example price scale in ride now, pay later.

Booking your Donkey
Choose a pick-up location and the amount of bikes that you want to book. Enter a discount code if you have one, insert your payment information and off you go, ready to saddle up!

During your rental
Find your bike easily, unlock, lock it or switch to another bike if you need to. On top of your screen you will always see the time and money you spent cycling.

At the end of your rental
When you are done cycling, find an available drop-off location for your Donkeys and return the bikes there. Remember if you had more than one bikes within one booking, you will need to end all active bikes to end your rental completely.

New Donkey Plans
If you want regular Donkey experiences we will have new Donkey Plans for you.

10x rentals
Buy 10 x 12 hours rentals and save about 65% on the normal price. Multi-ride tickets have no validity date, you can use them until you run out. You can only book one bike at a time with these rentals, but you can always invite your friends and family for a ride on your credit.

Unlimited Rentals
This one should be familiar, the unlimited plan is part of our system for a while now. For a fixed monthly fee, you can get on any Donkey in any city where we have bikes. Take as many 12 hours rentals as you need and return the Donkeys to a drop-off location within the 12 hours.


Use your Donkey Plan as a payment option
When booking a Donkey, you will have the option to choose your preferred payment type, and if you have a Donkey Plan it will appear there too.

We hope you will appreciate this update, because we do it for you. Not simply to save you money but also to make your bike rentals more simple and hassle-free.

Please, let us know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Coming soon – Ride now, pay later

  1. Hi Donkeys 🙂

    I really like that you are thinking about you clients, I do!

    But for me, I usually ride a bike for 25 mins. That had cost me 0.63€ in the beginning, now 0.75€ and from September onwards, it will cost me 1.5€. So, for me: you doubled the price now.

    Will there be another plan for riders that need your bikes for short trips?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi there,

      The prices in the article are not set yet. Valid points you have there, we came across similar ones, so we set aside a little more time to shape the new system and pricing before diving into the changes. Apart from the monthly plan and the possibility to buy 10 x 12h rentals we also plan to launch with 10 x 30min rides 🙂

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