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24/7 Bike Rental

Find a bike near you and unlock with your phone

Available on iOS 9+    Android 4.3+

How It Works

Rent a bike

Rent your bike online

Book the nearest bike for whenever you need it, with our self-service, 24/7 bike rental system.

Unlock bike with phone

Unlock the bike with your phone

Use the app to locate your bike, then click "Unlock" and pull up the lock handle when it beeps.

Lock unlock bike

Lock & unlock again and again

Push down the lock handle when you take a break, then click "Unlock" in the app when you're ready to roll again.

Extend rental period

Extend your rental period

Before your rental period expires, you can extend it in the app. Check the extension options for each bike in your booking.

Return rental bike

Return to the pickup location

When your rental period ends, bring the bike back to its pickup location, so the next rider can find it.

End bike rental

Click "End Rental" in the app

Lock your bike(s) at the pickup location and then click "End Rental" for each one.

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Find an answer on our FAQ by searching below

Otherwise you can call us at +45 89 88 72 27 or email us at support@donkeyrepublic.com.

Extra information

Hi there! We’re a Copenhagen-based company that's building a global self-service, 24/7 bike rental service.

We developed a smart bike lock that you can command with your phone, through the Donkey app. That means that it's now easier than ever to rent a bike wherever, whenever and saddle up in just a few clicks. No keys, no, docking stations, no cash, no ID cards or deposits, no rental shop staff or opening hours. You get absolute freedom to set up your explorations on two wheels!

You log in the Donkey Republic app (iOS or Android) and click on your booking. You'll see the bike name and its location - the location is shown on the map with a green pin.

Find the bike and make sure the bike name in the app matches the one on the orange display panel mounted on the bike. To make the finding easier, once you're in the area where the bike is you can click UNLOCK in the app and the bike will make a beeping sound for 20 seconds. Yes, that’s how eager the Donkey is for you to find it!

Please make sure you log in with the same email address you used to book the bike. This way, we will be able to retrieve your booking details.

Once in a blue moon, this does happen. Luckily, we know how to fix it.

Before you click the unlock button, push down the lock handle once. Done? Now, click UNLOCK in your app again.

You* can cancel your booking in the app anytime until 10 minutes after you've started using your bike and you will be fully refunded.

*If you're the organiser of a multiple booking, only you can cancel anybody else's booking.

You may want to do that if there's something wrong with your bike or if you decided you want a different rental period or pickup location. After you cancel your booking, you can easily book a new bike with your preferred specifications.

Our app is currently supported on:

  • iOS 8+ (iPhone 4S or newer)
  • Android 4.3+ *

*There are some Android devices with connectivity issues:
Devices from Wico, Actions, BQ Aquaris are not compatible. Motorola's Moto G works, but users have to kill and re-open the app and Bluetooth every time one unlocks the bike.

Sure you can!

You can book up to 5 bikes in one session - you'll just need to put in the other riders' emails during the booking process.

If you're really eager to get a whole stadium on two wheels, please contact us at support@donkeyrepublic.com. We'll find the best solution for your group bike rental.

Nope! You only need to go online when you book a bike, be that at home, in your hotel room or a local café. Once you have rented a bike, you can enjoy the city in offline mode.

You unlock the rental bike with the Donkey app, which connects to the smart lock on the bicycle via Bluetooth.

You pay online, with your credit card, as the last step of the booking process. Your money keeps the Donkeys well fed - thank you!

Accepted credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Of course! That's the whole idea, to experience every corner of the city on your bike. Just make sure you lock the bike when you take breaks.

Before your rental period expires, please bring the bike back to its initial location - the pickup hub - and lock it. Then click END RENTAL in the Donkey app. Now the next rider will be able to find it and enjoy the ride!

Before your rental period expires, please bring the rental bike back to its initial location - it's shown in the app with a red pin on the map.

Once you're back at the hub, lock the bike. Double-check the lock stays closed. Last step: click END RENTAL in the app. Now the next rider will be able to find the bike and enjoy the ride!

If you make sure the bike is always locked when you're not using it, and you also use the chain it comes with for extra security overnight, we hope that won't happen. In the case it still does, you should get in touch with us ASAP. To replace the bike, we'll have to charge you a replacement fee (250 EUR).

Oh yes, we'd love that. Nothing makes us happier than when riders share pictures and videos with us. You can find us and tag us on Facebook, twitter or Instagram.