Donkey Republic is on a mission to make the bike the hero of urban mobility around the world. We are building a global bike-share platform – one app to access a bike in many locations in many cities around the world. We’re looking for passionate people to use their mind and heart to help us acheive the Donkey Republic mission.

We are a group of fierce cycling enthusiasts who work hard, challenge each other and learn fast to come up with innovative ways to solve urban mobility challenges. Join the Donkey Squad.

Open positions

Senior Business Developer - International Franchise Growth

Full time position

Donkey Republic is expanding and is seeking a talented individual for the Business Development team to join the family and help build our groundbreaking bike service. We are 15,000+ bicycles large, serving 300,000+ customers this year in 15 large and another 50 smaller cities in Europe. We operate 80% of our fleet, while partners operate another 20% – usually the smaller cities.

We would like you to

  • Have a good understanding of business fundamentals (either from school or previous work experience).
  • Have several years of experience in sales and business development successfully closing deals with large partnering companies (1000+ employees; $1bn+ revenue), and with public authorities,…

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Product Owner

Full time position

We are looking for an ambitious individual to join us and one who believes success comes from working together well as a team, therefore you need to be a team player and thrive in an environment where we work towards shared goals.

You will be joining the product team which is currently six persons, and is growing to become eleven. You will work closely with our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to keep the product team’s work structured, efficient, and aligned with business priorities. You will face many internal stakeholders, mostly marketing and support teams in order to understand business priorities, and you will ensure management decisions are implemented in the most effective way possible with the product team.

We would like you to : 

  • Have affiliation with mobility space
  • Have worked with different product management tools (we use Jira)
  • Want to change the world with bikes.

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Experienced Android Developer

Full time position

We are looking for a skilled Android developer to join our Product Team of one iOS lead, one Android lead, a backend developer, a head of design and a CTO. We work closely together in the group to ship features fast, but each developer has a high degree of freedom in bringing their own solutions to the table. You and the lead Android developer are solely responsible for bringing the Android app to the market and ensuring a high quality through code reviews, good testing and close monitoring.

You will implement features and bug fixes, perform A/B tests and work with other departments too in making their wishes come true within the app.

We expect you to have at least a few years of experience and the following

  • developing apps integrated with a backend through a RESTful API.
  • basic concepts like Activities, Fragments, MVP/MVVM, various design patterns and how to test apps.
  • experience with Kotlin
  • experience with source control, preferably Git
  • to do a simple animation or two.
  • a good approach to programming where good solid best practice patterns are applied, while having a pragmatic approach to development and getting things shipped.

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Skilled RoR Backend developer

You will team up with our skilled product team which today comprises 4 developers, a designer and a CTO. We are currently growing the team with a few heads, so it is a good opportunity to be part of lifting the product to the next level.

These days we are working on a lot of interesting stuff. We just released new pricing and membership packages in our apps, we are currently bringing new types of vehicles, like eScooters and eBikes, to the market and we are working on some advanced solutions for optimising our operations even more.

We expect you to have years of experience with building services using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Here’s some of the technologies we work with:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Vue.js
  • RSpec
  • Heroku – We are hosted on Heroku

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Sourcing, Supply Chain and Logistics Manager (Copenhagen)

Full time position

It will be your responsibility to ensure the company has strong processes in place to handle orders, shipments and after-sales.

We expect you have +3 years of experience with sourcing, negotiation and handling supply chains related tasks, that you work in a structured way, pay attention to detail and don’t mind when things go fast. You may also have been involved in ISO certification programs, but this is not a requirement.

You’ll be part of a company with a young and dynamic team, with an office centrally located in Copenhagen. The company is expanding and provides challenging tasks that will allow you to develop and refine your skills.

  • Title: Supply Chain Manager
  • Type: Full-time position
  • Start: As soon as possible
  • Travel days: 100 days/year

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Business Developer for the UK & Scandinavia (Copenhagen)

Full time position

You will be joining a small business team and working closely with our Chief Sales Officer in the Copenhagen HQ to build our partner and affiliate portfolio. Your main tasks will be identifying and contacting prospects suited to be affiliate partners to get more local riders on our bikes (typically banks, mobility services, residences etc.) as well as making partnerships for the tourism sector (typically hotels, tours, visitor centers, airlines etc.).

You will also be working to promote Donkey Republic in the European agenda, this is through impacting regulatory work and public affairs. Finally we also also have a number of inbound leads which you will be engaging with to become ready to start a Donkey Republic operation.

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Project Manager for a new vehicle type (Copenhagen)

Temporary position, 3 months

As the Project Manager, you will act as the central communication point between all stakeholders in the project. You will be at the front line of the project meeting people, educating them in the future of mobility and managing the project from A-Z. You will be working in the front, but also in the back of the project managing and setting up a microsite and conducting surveys.


Your Tasks

  • Meet people, educate them on how to drive a new type of (3-wheel) vehicle which is licensed for bike roads
  • Send out surveys and reminders
  • Coordinate receiving, branding and maintenance of two small 3-wheeled vehicles
  • Make a simple website using Instapage or similar to handle reservations
  • Communicate with stakeholders and coordinate location for the vehicle rental
  • In general, be self-sufficient in a relatively free environment.

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Fleet assistant in Copenhagen

You will be part of a small team of Donkey “Shepherds”.

This means a combination of biking around on the streets, fixing bikes, driving bikes in a van or trailer, preparing new bikes to get on the road and desk-work monitoring the system through our administration interface.

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Fleet assistant in Berlin

At Donkey Republic we are proud to be part of developing the cycling culture around the world by making riding on two wheels more popular and accessible for everyone. We are growing fast across Europe and now looking for someone to support operations in Berlin and keep the bikes in good shape.

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Fleet assistant in Vienna

Your work will involve keeping the Donkey Bikes running in great condition, frequent visits to hubs around the city to make sure everything is in order and report and document issues. You will also be spotting good locations for bikes and relocating bikes to be in optimal locations to ensure the riders get a good experience. Part of the job will also be to manage the bikes so they do not create problems or issues in the public space. You will be part of a small team of Donkey “Shepherds” in Vienna and will have guidance and support from our Copenhagen HQ, in the form of calls, video calls and visits.

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You think you’ve got the Donkey power in you? Write to jobs [at] and show us what we’re missing out on.