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When you are done riding, bring
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Aarhus cycling guide

Bike rental in Aarhus

Denmark’s second biggest city, Aarhus is very easy to cover on two wheels. With hundreds of Donkey Bikes serving the public, it is easy to get on a bike anytime. Download the Donkey Republic app and rent a bike in Aarhus.

Get in the fast lane

Aarhus has a mature bike infrastructure with 675 km of cycle lanes so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that half of the city’s population takes the bike to work/school every day. We have hundreds of pick-up locations  where you can rent Donkey Bikes from in Aarhus.

How to explore Aarhus on a bike

Once you get your hooves on a two-wheeled companion, you are all set to explore culture, art and history, enjoy delicious Nordic cuisine and canalside hang-outs. Take your Donkey Bike in Aarhus to some of the best bars, beautiful parks, enjoy a strong coffee in one of the hippest cafes, have a feast in the best restaurants or simply get lost on your rental bike in Aarhus. If you are new in the city check out the top 15 things to do and some more on

Sustainability at Aarhus 2018
30. July – 12. August 2018

The summer of 2018, Aarhus hosted the Hempel Sailing World Championships, 14 days of world class sailing right in the middle of the city. As their transportation partner, we helped their officials riding around town on Donkey Bikes. Using bikes instead of cars for Aarhus2018 reduced the event’s carbon footprint and kept the harbour city congestion free.

Read more about our collaboration and results here.

Picture: Copyright Aarhus Events – VM2018


Indre By

The city centre of Aarhus is a cultural gem with art galleries, museums and plenty of opportunities to take a stroll in between colourful houses. Park your rental bike at ARoS museum and head up to the rainbow panorama. For cosy cafes pedal your Donkey Bike to the The Latin Quarter and Mejlgade, and if you are up for a little pong, stop by at Shen Mao, the underground ping pong bar in Aarhus.

Latin Quarter

Latinerkvarteret is one of the most popular areas of Aarhus. Regardless of the cobblestones, everybody cycles through this central area full of history, good cafes and boutique stores. Take you rental bike in Aarhus to the Latin Quarter, lock it and enjoy a cafe at La Cabra or at Great Coffee. If you are hungry after all the cycling, try the best seafood at Mefisto.


Vestergade is a road filled with fashion stores, leading from the central parts of Aarhus to the Western side of the city, the area of Vesterbro. You will find a lot of locals wondering around here as it’s the center of it all. Your orange Donkey Bike will fit in nicely with the hip vibes, great shops and cafes. You can lock your rental bike as many times as something calls you in. If you are in Aarhus early June make sure you check out the activities at Vestergadefest.

Aarhus Ø

Once you had enough of the inner city cafes and shops, spin your rental bike to a fairly new area in Aarhus. Known for its unique architecture and social housing complex the Iceberg, Aarhus Ø is also a great spot in the summer if you want to take a dip in the sea after all the cycling on your Donkey Bike. Don’t worry, you will still find refreshments in the area for example the craft beer bar Hantwerk around the corner.


Perfect for an afternoon or early evening stroll, take your Donkey Bike to Vesterbro in Aarhus, where you will find a lot of great places to get lost in. Lock your rental bike outside of the Botanical Garden or the Old Town Museum and dive into the green oase and Danish history. Godsbanen, a cultural space with concerts, art, performances and sport also sits in the Vesterbro area.


To crown your day and your bike rental in Aarhus, head to Trøjborg on your Donkey Bike. It is a popular neighbourhood for students, that is less touristy than the central parts of the city. Mingle with locals in cosy cafes and bars, and if you are craving a quiet and relaxing spot, pedal to Nordre Kirkegård, a beautiful cemetery full of greens.

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