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A darling of bike cities, Barcelona features flat terrain and nice weather, plus some of Europe's most sought-after sights. It's a must to rent a bike in Barcelona, so you can experience as much of the city of possible.
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Tourists on rental bikes in Barcelona
Organising your own Barcelona bike tour is the best thing you could do here, apart from stuffing your face with paella and cava, of course. You may want to plan it around one of your interests, be that a Gaudí bike tour, or a green bike tour - with all the natural sights the city can offer, or even a tapas bike tour, though it might get a bit harder to pedal after the 4th restaurant. Alternatively, you can let your rental bike roll freely and just explore each barrio, one at a time. Either way, we’ll try to help you get inspired, so check out our Barcelona neighborhoods ride-throughs and themed bike routes below. Don't forget to also check out the Spanish cycling rules before you get on a rental bike, as well as - obviously - actually rent a bike from one of our Barcelona locations below:


Cycling in Barri Gòtic

Rental bikes in Barri Gòtic, Barcelona
You can kick off your Barcelona city tour with the obvious part, the centre. In this case, that would mean Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter for the lesser Latin among us). It makes sense to start your discovery from the very literal beginning of it all: the birthplace of what we call today Barcelona, in a hidden courtyard on Carrer del Paradís. There you can see the remains of the Temple of Augustus. Then you’re free to check all the touristy stuff by taking your rental bike around Barri Gòtic, but make sure you see Joan Fontcuberta’s Kiss – a street art piece made up by 4000 pictures from locals expressing their idea of freedom. What, you don’t have a bicycle yet? Find the nearest rental bike in Barri Gòtic below:

Cycling around Sagrada Familia

Rental bike in front of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Who are we kidding? If this is your first trip to Barcelona, you’ll be lining up to see Sagrada Familia in no time. Enjoy the sunstroke! Once you cross that off your list, hop on your rental bike and explore the area a bit more. Take a bike ride up the car-free Avinguda de Gaudí to the beautiful building of Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, and then continue towards Park Güell. Alternatively, cycle in the opposite direction and join the most popular bicycle lane in Barcelona, on Passeig de Sant Joan. Take your time to discover the Eixample district. This area is basically an open air museum of head-turning art nouveau buildings and, well, expensive restaurants. Rent a bike near Sagrada Familia to start your exploration: 

Cycling in Diagonal Mar & Poblenou

Rental bike by the beach, Bogatell - Barcelona
If you want to experience the fresh, cosmopolitan vibe of the city, take your rental bike to the area called Diagonal Mar i el Front Marítim del Poblenou. There you’ll be able to cycle by renowned architectural landmarks, such as the Forum Building and Forum Park, but also to take a break at some of the newest beaches in town. We recommend the Mar Bella beach to get farther away from the crowded waterfronts downtown and closer to some skinny-dipping (yup, there’s a nudist beach down there). Find the nearest bike rental in Poblenou from the following locations:

Cycling in Barceloneta

Rental bike at Barceloneta
A tour with your rental bike around Barceloneta is a guarantee of beautiful waterfronts and scenery. Beyond the hype around the modernised promenade and other hangout spots, you’ll find the true vibe of what once was a fishing town - if you take your time and your rental bike along the narrow streets of the neighbourhood. Check out the Donkey bike rentals in Barceloneta below: 

Cycling around Ciutadella

Donkey Bike Rental Ciutadella Barcelona
Barcelona’s famous Parc de la Ciutadella owes its name to the military citadel that used to sit in its place. Today, this is the biggest green oasis in Barcelona’s city centre. It’s so big, you’ll definitely need a bike to make sure you discover all its secrets, such as: the waterfall, the lake, the music kiosk, the plant house, the glass house, the mammoth, the castle, even the parliament building. If you want to explore more than the park, the El Born area makes up for an exciting bike tour, with all its historical buildings and monuments but also hip boutiques and fashionable hangouts. Find a rental bike near Ciutadella Park:

Cycling around Montjuïc

Rental bike at Montjuïc
Another part of the city that’s totally worth a ride or two is Sants-Montjuïc. As you take your rental bike up the hill of Montjuïc, remember to make stops in the area’s many themed gardens, or to have a stroll around the architectural museum of Poble Espanyol. Oh, and if you happen to come to Poble Espanyol in spring or autumn, you’ll have the chance to attend the super cool Brunch Electronik on Sundays. The event moves down to the Jardins Joan Brossa over the summer, so you’re actually covered either way. Wherever you go, on thing is sure - you should rent a bike in the Montjuïc area, from one of the locations below:

Cycling to Tibidabo

Bike rental Tibidabo
Image credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/johndegree/
Since hey!, you have a saddle under your culo, why not taking your rental bike all the way to the top of Tibidabo? It’s not the easiest ride in the world, but it makes up for a much more scenic and exciting trip to probably the best view over Barcelona you could get. You’ll also get the chance to stop by the amazing Sarrià Market on your way up for a boost of energy, a gorgeous natural park of Collserola on the mountain with lots of bicycle trails to venture on, and a hair-raising downhill ride on your return to the city. So pick up your rental bike on your way to Tibidabo from one of the locations below:


Green Barcelona bike tour

Rental bikes in Barcelona's Ciutadella park
The perfect one-day Barcelona tour for an energy boost and a breath of fresh air is a green bike tour around the city's parks, gardens, hills and beaches. You'll get to see: Jardins de Joan Brossa, La Caseta Del Migdia, Jardí Botànic, Jardins del Turó del Putxet, Parc de la Ciutadella, and Mar Bella beach.
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Driftwood Journals' Barcelona highlights bike tour

Rental bike in Parc de Joan Miro, Barcelona
Our friend Ben at Driftwood Journals took a spin on a Donkey rental bike to all of his favourite sunny spots in Barcelona. It features all of the Barcelona essentials - Gaudí, the beach, and lots of fun in the sun.
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Central Barcelona bike route

Bike Rental Plaza Catalunya
The lovely Martina from Photographer of Dreams took a Donkey rental bike out to explore her adopted home of Barcelona. Cycling is the best way to explore the city's sights, she thinks. This one's for our Spanish speaking friends.
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Spanish cycling rules

Cyclists riding on bike lanes in Barcelona
Spain might slowly, but surely become the new poster child for urban bike-friendliness. With ever increasing bike utilisation rates and proper infrastructure being built in several cities already, it's only natural that dedicated traffic rules are being reinforced. 

Below we summarised the most important aspects to consider before saddling up your rental bike in Barcelona. It's also a good idea to check Barcelona's bike infrastructure in the city before you start touring the city on the bike. 

Bike Requirements in Barcelona

LIGHTS | Between sunset and sunrise, you must have and use one white light pointing straight forward and one red one pointing straight back.

REFLECTORS | Your bike must have at least a rear reflector. It's also mandatory to wear reflective clothing - but only between sunset and sunrise, on interurban roads, in low visibility conditions or tunnels.

BRAKES | Your bike must have functioning front and rear braking systems.

BELL | It's mandatory to have a bicycle bell mounted on your bike. The application of a similar-sounding device is not equatable. 

HELMET | Wearing a bike helmet is mandatory outside urban areas (you can get arrested if you don't!). Exceptions:
  • when cycling in extreme heat
  • when riding up steep hills
  • if you're a professional cyclist.

Cycling rules in Barcelona

  • Always ride on the right-hand side of the roadway. Never ride your rental bike against the traffic flow.
  • You must park your bike in designated bike racks, leaving a clear passage of 3+m in width for pedestrians. Don't park more than 2 bikes on each side of a bike rack. Never attach your rental bike to trees, traffic lights, benches, wastepaper baskets, etc.
  • The cycling speed limit is 30 km/h.
  • Don't ride on pavements, sidewalks, public parks and other pedestrian areas, except at less than 10 km/h and when the following circumstances apply:
    • There are no separate lanes for cyclists
    • The sidewalk is 3m+ wide
    • The sidewalk is not crowded
    • There are no signs or markings prohibiting bicycling.
  • Never take your rental bike on bus lanes.
  • Cycling in public parks, promenades and other central pedestrian areas is permitted, but you need to keep within a 10 km/h limit and give way to pedestrians.
  • While biking, you mustn't use mobile phones or similar handheld devices which affect your attention.
  • You are also not allowed to ride while listening to music through headphones
  • You cannot cycle with an alcohol level exceeding 0.5 grams / liter in blood (0.25 milligrams / liter exhaled). The fine for drunk riding can go up to €500.

Hand signals

You must always use hand signals to communicate your intent to other drivers/riders:

STOPPING | Extend your left arm out to the left, point downward and wave it up and down.

TURNING RIGHT | Extend the right arm perpendicular to the body.

TURNING LEFT | Extend the right arm perpendicular to the body.

For more detailed explanations of the rules and requirements, read here and here.