Bike rental in Barcelona

You can rent a Donkey Bike for longer than just a single ride.

How it works


Open the Donkey Republic app
to see pick-up locations,
and rent it with your phone


Connect to the lock via Bluetooth
to lock and unlock your Donkey
whenever you make a stop


Short or long rentals.
Lock and unlock your bike
as much as you like


When you are done riding, bring
the Donkey to an available drop-off
location, end your rental in the app

Barcelona cycling guide

Cycling in Barcelona

A darling of bike cities, Barcelona features flat terrain and nice weather, plus some of Europe’s most sought-after sights. It’s a must to rent a bike in Barcelona, so you can experience as much of the city of possible.

Where cycling is muy guay

Going on a Barcelona bike tour is the best thing you could do here, apart from stuffing your face with paella and cava, of course. You may want to plan it around one of your interests, make it a Gaudí bike tour, a local markets bike tour, or a green bike tour, or even a tapas bike tour, though it might get a bit harder to pedal after the 4th restaurant. Alternatively, you can let your rental bike roll freely and just explore each barrio, one at a time.

Where do Barcelona locals go?

Here’s another tip on how to escape the crowds and go where the locals go: check the Spotted by Locals Barcelona blog! You’ll get insider tips by handpicked locals who clearly love their city and want to help you experience it like they do. They also have a 100% offline app, available on iTunes & Google Play.

How to explore Barcelona on a bike

Check out our Barcelona barrios rundown and other themed bike routes below. Don’t forget to also get acquainted with the basic Spanish cycling rules before you get on a rental bike, as well as, duh, actually rent that bike from one of our many Barcelona bike rental locations – check them out in our app.


Cycling in Barri Gòtic

Cycling around Sagrada Familia

Cycling in Diagonal Mar & Poblenou

Cycling in Barceloneta

Cycling around Ciutadella

Cycling around Montjuïc

Our Friends

BCNewt is the first 100% sustainable coworking space in Barcelona. Committed to the collaborative culture, entrepreneurship and the environment, we’re located in an old building rehabilitated and modernised with recycled materials. Multiple materials reused, such as mirrors, tables, wood, aluminium, among others, have returned the vibrance of this property built in 1891.

La Vaca Coworking, a former dairy turned into a laid back co-working place, located in the heart of Poble Sec. A creative community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads from all over the world that share a space with relaxed vibes and productive energy. At la Vaca you will find many different spots to work, as well as many chill areas, weekly events, especially focused on networking, art and sport and last but not least, nice coffee – for free!

Explore Barcelona

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Spanish cycling rules

In safe hands

Always use hand signals to communicate your intentions while riding your rental bike. One hand straight up means stopping, right hand to the side – turning right, left hand to the side … you get the drill.

Bike helmets

Wearing a bike helmet is mandatory outside urban areas (you can get arrested if you don’t!).

Parking the rental bike

You must park your rental bike in designated bike racks, and never chain it around trees, traffic lights, wastepaper baskets etc. Don’t park more than 2 bikes on each side of a bike rack.

Cycling + Cava = not a good idea

You cannot cycle with an alcohol level exceeding 0.5 grams / liter in blood (0.25 milligrams / liter exhaled). The fine for drunk riding can go up to €500.

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