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Renting a bike in Berlin will help you see all the beautiful sights this multicultural metropolis has to offer. We can help you get the most out of your visit to the European capital of cool and enjoy the city from behind the handlebars. 
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Rental bike Berlin
Bike rental in Berlin has never been easier, and with an outstanding cycling infrastructure, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better city for holiday biking anywhere in Europe - but if you really want to, go to Copenhagen, of course. Berlin has cycle paths just about everywhere (620 kilometres to be precise), an abundance of parks and green space, and incredibly wide streets just crying out for your wheels. The German capital has a dramatic and turbulent history, which is reflected in the sights and attractions you can visit today. But from a tragic past has risen an equally bright future, and Berlin has blossomed into a trendy culture hub, with an incredible live music scene and arguably the best clubbing on planet earth.


Cycling in the Tiergarten

Brandenburg Gate in Tiergarten
In the heart of the city, you’ll find the famous Tiergarten, which is Berlin’s most popular park. There’s an abundance of cycling routes to be found among the foliage here if you rent a bike in Berlin, and close by you’ll discover some of the best attractions the city has to offer. Stand and admire the stunningBrandenburg Gate and pay your respects at theHolocaust museum with its emotional and iconic Jewish Memorial. 

And just next door you can enjoy more dramatic architecture, with the historicReichstag Building home to the German parliament’s corridors of power.

Cycling around Alexanderplatz

Street towards Alexanderplatz with bikes
Located in the Mitte district, Alexanderplatz is one of the city’s most visited squares and a great place to take your rental bike in Berlin. Perhaps the most famous attraction here is the unmissable (literally!) TV tower, a 365-metre structure with a rotating viewing platform and restaurant at its top. You can’t miss it from almost anywhere in the city, and it holds a vital role in pictures and postcards of the Berlin skyline. 

Close by you’ll encounter Museum Island, a UNESCO world heritage site, so-called because of the five amazing museums located there. Those who want to shop until they drop can find some world-class stores in the region, including the Alexa shopping mall. However, be careful when carrying your purchases on your handlebars afterwards.

Here are our Berlin bike rental locations closest to Alexanderplatz:

Cycling in Treptower Park

Bike in Berlin
To really get the most out of your Berlin bike rental you should head to Treptower Park, which is yet another gorgeous green space to enjoy on two wheels. Cycle along the banks of the river Spree and marvel at the graffiti of the East Side Gallery - a former section of the Berlin Wall now dedicated to stunning works of art in the name of peace and unity. For some old school Soviet nostalgia, visit the War Memorial which is also the last resting place of 5000 Soviet soldiers. 

Those with their sea legs can park the rental bike and take a boat tour on the Spree, while the stargazers among you mustn’t miss the Archenhold Observatory, which houses the largest refracting telescope in the world.

Cycling in Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer field in Berlin
Image credits: www.flickr.com/photos/abbilder
Tempelhofer has rapidly become one of Berlin’s premier cycling hot-spots since this former airport was abandoned. After closing in 2008, the decaying runways and buildings began to be reclaimed by nature, before being reclaimed again as one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. At 300 hectares, you’re going to have plenty of space to explore if you rent a bike in Berlin. Tempelhofer Field is a great place to take a picnic, fly a kite, fire up a barbeque, or simply enjoy over 6 kilometres of cycling/jogging track. Just make sure you bring sunscreen on a hot day – there are no trees on runways!

Cycling around the Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall street art
Contrary to popular belief, not much actually remains of the Berlin Wall, but you can tour the sections that are still standing. Ride your Berlin rental bike along the double cobblestone route that marks where the wall used to stand, and runs for around 5 kilometres through the city. Along the way, you’ll pass by many attractions, including some previously mentioned, as well as the infamous Checkpoint Charlie and its fascinating museum. You’ll also come across remnants of the cold war at every turn, so take your time and pedal into the past. 

Cycling in Grunewald

Bikes in Berlin, Grunewald
More of a vast forest than a park, the Grunewald area of Berlin just lends itself to being explored with your rental bike. It’s a nature lover’s paradise with an abundance of flora and fauna to delight the senses – but you have to be careful, as you might end up getting chased by a boar! Visit the Grunewald Tower for some spectacular views of the surrounding area, and anyone interested in the abandoned places of the world must take a bike up Teufelsberg, a human-made hill with a formercold war spy station left to decay at its summit. The closest bike rental location to Grunewald is the one below: