Bike rental in Berlin

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1 day is 10 EUR

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How it works

Rent a bike in a few clicks

Rent a bike in a few clicks

Get the app to rent a bike from many locations, in many cities.

Unlock your rental bike

Unlock your rental bike

Find your bike at the pick-up location and unlock with the app.

Ride and keep the bike

Ride and keep the bike

Short or long rentals. Lock and unlock your bike as much as you like.

Return the rental bike

Return the rental bike

Return the rental bike to an available drop-off location, lock it and end your rental with the app.

Berlin cycling guide

Bike rental in Berlin

Renting a bike in Berlin will help you see all the beautiful sights this multicultural metropolis has to offer. We can help you get the most out of your visit to the European capital of cool and enjoy the city from behind the handlebars.


These streets are made for cycling

Bike rental in Berlin has never been easier, with cycle paths just about everywhere (620 kilometres to be precise), an abundance of parks and green space, and incredibly wide streets just crying out for your wheels.


How to explore Berlin on a bike

The German capital has a dramatic and turbulent history, which is reflected in the sights and attractions you can visit today. But from a tragic past has risen an equally bright future, and Berlin has blossomed into a trendy culture hub, with an incredible live music scene and arguably the best clubbing on planet earth. So before you saddle up, make sure you check our tips and recommendations on discovering Berlin by bike. Then get your ride from one of our Berlin bike locations you can find in the app

Fahrradstation, our partner and operator in Berlin, is an experienced bike rental and tour guiding company with central, high-quality bicycle shops in Berlin. If you have problems during your ride, just stop by with your Donkey and they will take quick care. Fahrradstation employees can also help you out with city maps and recommendations for nice routes. There are special arrangements for large groups, e-bikes, racers, tandems, cargo bikes, trailers, kids bikes and even a wheelchair bicycle available from their central location at Dorotheenstraße 30.

German cycling rules

In safe hands

Always use hand signals to communicate your intentions while riding your rental bike. One hand straight up means stopping, right hand to the side – turning right, left hand to the side … you get the drill.

Fall in line

Riding two abreast is forbidden on roads – always ride single file even in a bicycle lane. I know, that sounds so German!

You’ve only got 2 wheels

It is illegal for bicycles to be on the autobahn, so don’t be caught trying to race 120 Km/h traffic.

Stay sober or park your bike

Don’t even think about cycling under the influence of alcohol or drugs – you’ll face a hefty fine if you do, not to mention the risk of an accident. Also, well, we don’t want a smashed up rental bike 🙂


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