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You’re in one of the best cities in the world when it comes to cycling your way around, so renting a bike to explore Copenhagen is really a no-brainer. Just find the nearest pickup location for your rental bicycle and ride like the wind!
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Cycling in Copenhagen
If you’re planning to get a rental bike in Copenhagen but don’t know where to start or how to discover the city on two wheels, let us help. First of all, you’ll be happy to read that this city has one of the best bike infrastructures in the world, so there’s no need to worry about traffic or, well, your life, provided you respect the basic Danish cycling rules, of course.
One good way of organising your adventures on a bike in Copenhagen is to take each neighbourhood at a time. You’ll see they each have their own identity, so we suggest you take the time to explore all the side streets, hidden parks and local shops until you bike to a different area and notice how the vibe changes. The really good news is that you can start your Copenhagen bike tour pretty much anywhere, because, unlike traditional bike rental shops, Donkey Republic has bikes spread around the city in various pickup locations. Check out some of our Copenhagen bike rental locations below:


Cycling in Copenhagen city centre

Girl cycling in Copenhagen
Copenhagen’s city centre, a.k.a. Indre By or Copenhagen K, is easy to mark out on a map, because it’s surrounded by water - be that canals, the lakes or the sea, all beautiful to ride your rental bike along. 

Naturally, you’ll want to include popular attractions on your bike route, such as Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid (Tiny Mermaid would be more accurate, though) or the Rosenborg Castle. But there are also lots of parks and green areas (Kongens Have, Ørstedsparken and Kastellet come to mind), as well as countless mazy streets with cosy cafés, tiny design shops or lavish department stores to get lost in. Worth mentioning are Paludan Café for a relaxing break and a bite, and the Hay store for the coolest Danish design shopping session. Good thing you have a rental bicycle that can wait for you to take all the breaks you want, right? What, you don’t have one yet? See below where you can rent a bike from Copenhagen city centre:

Cycling in Nørrebro

Young Dane cycling in Nørrebro, Copenhagen
This hood is poetic chaos. It’s vibrant, colourful and multicultural, with virtually no wall left untouched by urban art and social discourse. If you fancy a street art treasure hunt, you’ll want to read about our street art bike tour first. Rent a bike in Nørrebro and take your time to explore the area. Don't miss The Red Square (Den Røde Plads), where the Green Path bike-only route passes. If you keep riding on Nørrebrogade, you'll reach the lakes and the beautiful Dronning Louises Bro – a popular hangout for locals and travellers alike. Another must is riding through Assistens Cemetery – trust us, it’s not your regular graveyard. Convinced? Good, now go ahead and book your rental bike in Nørrebro from one of these locations:

Cycling in Frederiksberg

Street in Frederiksberg with bike lane
Frederiksberg is Nørrebro’s neighbour, as well as its antonym, which is why it’s particularly nice to cycle between them back to back to feel how the air changes from one area to the other. Frederiksberg is so neat and peaceful, with beautiful façades and fancy cafés (including delicious cheesecake), flower shops and lots of baby strollers. There are some particularly nice streets you can ride your Donkey bike by, such as Falkoner Alle, Gammel Kongevej (when it's not peak hour) or Frederiksberg Alle. Also, you have one of the biggest green areas in Copenhagen nearby, made up of Frederiksberg Have, Søndermarken (check out the Cisternerne art gallery here!) and Solbjerg Kirkegård - with the Frederiksberg Palace right in the middle of all that. Choose one of these locations to rent a bike in Frederiksberg:

Cycling in Christianshavn

Rental bike in Christianshavn
Christianshavn is technically part of Indre By – so lots of canals to ride along here as well. However, this neighbourhood has its very own charm to be explored by bicycle with a fresh breeze in your hair. 

You’ll find the famous Freetown Christiania here, with so many bohemian spots in and around it to discover. It’s actually a good idea to save some time for a dedicated Christiania bike tour, and see if you can discover this hidden beach - it's really a special spot you won't regret searching high and low for. If you happen to get hungry while you’re in Christianshavn, make sure you stop by Papirøen, or Copenhagen Street Food. Other attractions and cool sights in the area are: the Curch of Our Saviour, the Royal Danish Opera House, the very new and cool Copenhagen Contemporary art centre. Are you worried you might not have time to check them all out? With a rental bike as your loyal sidekick, you sure can! So go ahead and rent your bike in Christianshavn from one of the locations below:

Cycling in Østerbro

Cyclist in Fælledparken, Østerbro
The district of Østerbro is located north of Copenhagen’s city centre. On the map, it starts where The Lakes (Søerne) end and extends all the way to Hellerup in the suburbs. Østerbro is currently very attractive as a residential area, so you could spend an entire day just cycling across its streets, staring at the posh façades, peaking into green backyard oases or going full gourmet in some fashionable delicatessen. Alternatively, you can take your rental bike through Østerbro’s natural riches - on a ride in Fælledparken or to the beach, at Svanemøllen. Here are a few places worth stopping by: fancy Original Coffee at Trianglen, low-key Café Bopa, high-brow Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, and hippie Candy Factory. And here are some pickup locations for your rental bike in Østerbro:

Cycling in Vesterbro

Street art and a bike in Vesterbro
This is an all-time darling of Copenhagen's neighbourhoods. There are lots of spots to explore on your rental bike in Vesterbro. There’s the very popular Meatpacking district, a.k.a. Kødbyen, which has evolved from trading livestock to trading beers for cigarettes in some hip bar’s entrance cue. There is also the Carlsberg Brewery to visit, which feels like going to the museum, but with lots of alcohol. And then there are quirky flea markets on Sønder Boulevard, unconventional art galleries and Instagram-heaven bistros (Mikkeller Bar, WarPigs and Bakken, to name a few), as well as beautiful murals you can suddenly discover on side streets as you cycle around. With all this excitement to squeeze in, you’re lucky we have plenty of rental bikes in Vesterbro to get you around:

Cycling around Amager and Islands Brygge

 Islands Brygge’s Harbour Bath
The island of Amager stretches from Christianshavn to the south-east and can easily count as a whole day's worth of cycling around. It’s so big, it needed to be split into West Amager and East Amager.

In West Amager you can discover Islands Brygge, with beautiful waterfronts and harbour baths. Close by, there’s a huge natural area called Amagerfælled, which is basically minutes away from the city’s buzz but feels like you’re deep into the countryside. Take your rental bike all the way down to the nature reserve (Naturcenter Vestamager) if you want to spot deer, play around curious wooden sculptures, make a bonfire, even camp out for the night. Also, if you’re tired of riding a Donkey bike, you can switch to a pony – although the latter will probably not be able to take you back home at the end of the day as good as your rental bike could. 

You can end your bike tour in East Amager, which features the largest and most popular beach in Copenhagen - Amager Beach. You have places for a dinner picnic there, but also for some ball and water sports – the area is popular among kitesurfers and kayakers. While you're there, don't miss Instagram darling Kastrup Sea Bath. Check out our pickup locations for rental bikes in Islands Brygge and Amager below:


Copenhagen green bike route

Map of green bike route in Copenhagen
This is more of a one-day bike tour in and around the city, but we’ve made it totally worth your energy outtake. Check out the details of our Copenhagen nature bike tour here. On your way, you’ll see: Ørstedsparken, Charlottenlund Beach, Bispebjerg Kirkegård, Amager Beach and many more.

Copenhagen street art bike tour

Map of Copenhagen street art route
Saddle up and go on a street art treasure hunt in Copenhagen. To help you out, we've set up this street art bike tour that will make you feel you're cycling through an outdoor urban art museum. Featured artists: Anne Sofie Madsen, DALeast, Conor Harrington, HuskMitNavn, Thomas Dambo and others.


Danish cycling rules

Cyclists in Copenhagen, Denmark
Denmark is known for a great cycling culture, but also for strict cycling rules, which is part of the reason why biking is enjoyed by so many people here. Copenhagen’s cycle lanes, in particular, can get extremely busy, so it's important to know the rules before you take to the streets.

In the following lines we summarised the most important aspects to consider when biking in Denmark, but keep in mind that our interpretation of the rules does not represent the letter of the law.

Bike requirements in Denmark

Rental bike, Copenhagen
LIGHTS | When you pick up your rental bike, check that it has both a white headlight and a red taillight. As soon as the sun sets, make sure they light up.   

REFLECTORS | Your rental bike must have reflectors, generally on the wheels, on the pedals and on the frame - similar to the lights, there's a front-facing white reflector and a rear-facing red one.

BELL | You must have a functioning bike bell mounted on the handlebar.

BRAKES | Your rental bike needs to have functioning brakes on both wheels - either two handbrakes or one handbrake and one back pedal brake.

HELMET | In Denmark, bike helmets are not mandatory and, even if there’s quite a debate regarding whether that’s OK or not, very few people actually wear them. Therefore, protecting your brain is totally your call. If you decide to do it, go to these awesome guys and get a special discount on bike helmets by showing them your Donkey booking - 25kr/day or 50kr/week! 

Do's and don'ts on a bike in Denmark

  • Always ride on the right-hand side of the roadway, and never against the traffic flow.
  • You mustn't cycle in pedestrian areas, on sidewalks or on a pedestrian crossing. When there is no bike path available, ride your bike on the right side of the road, keeping to the right.
  • Don't walk your bike on a cycle lane. 
  • Always stop at red lights. If you don't see any special cycle traffic lights, follow the car traffic lights, not the pedestrian ones.
  • When turning left at an intersection, follow these steps: keep riding on the right through the intersection while signaling with your raised hand that you’re stopping; stop at the corner of the street you want to join and wait with the traffic on the right-hand side for the green light to proceed in your new direction. Find a visual explanation of the Danish "hook turn" here.
  • Cycle with both lights on during dark hours, as well as during daytime if the visibility is not optimal.
  • If a bus stops at a bus stop, you need to stop and wait until the bus doors close. Bus passengers who cross the cycle path in or out of the bus have priority, unless there is a bus island on the left of the bike path. More on how to manage your bike around busses in Copenhagen here.
  • You are not allowed to carry another person on a bicycle, unless the bike is made for more than one person. 
  • Don't talk on your phone while cycling.
  • Avoid riding side by side with your friend if the bike lane isn't large enough to allow someone from behind to overtake you. 
  • Don't ride your bike if you are drunk. While there is no legal limit for the alcohol volume accepted when riding a bike and you can't lose your driver's license for drunk bike riding, the police can decide if you are not able to ride safely and give you a 1500 DKK fine. 
For breaking any of the other rules listed above, you can get a 700 to 1000 DKK fine, as well as risk yours and others' lives.
Read more on Copenhagen's cycling etiquette here.

Hand signals for cycling in Denmark

When cycling, you must always use hand signals to communicate your intent to other drivers/riders:

STOPPING | Extend either arm upwards.

TURNING RIGHT | Extend the right arm perpendicular to the body.

TURNING LEFT | Extend the right arm perpendicular to the body.