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When you are done riding, bring
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Utrecht cycling guide

Bike rental in Utrecht

Often called the cycling city of the Netherlands, Utrecht is situated 40km far from Amsterdam. Donkey Republic is the official bike-sharing provider of Utrecht. We make sure to support the cycling infrastructure and to have hundreds of pick-up locations where you can rent a bike from in Utrecht. With hundreds of Donkey Bikes serving the public, it is now easy to get on a bike anytime. Download the Donkey Republic app and rent a bike in Utrecht.

Get in the fast lane

Between 7am and 7pm, there are 125.000 cyclists pedalling through Utrecht. The city has a very mature bike infrastructure with 250 km of cycle paths, no surprise that 60% of the city’s population take the bike every day and that 43% of all journeys shorter than 7.5km are made on the bicycle. So why not rent a bike in Utrecht and raise those numbers. You can find many Donkey Republic bike rental locations at train stations in Utrecht.

How to get around in Utrecht on a bike

Once you get your hooves on a Donkey Bike in Utrecht, you are all set to explore culture, art and history, enjoy the cuisine and soak in local cycling habits. Take your Donkey Bike in Utrecht to some of the best markets, beautiful parks, enjoy a good brunch or breakfast, or simply get lost on your rental bike in Utrecht. If you are new in the city, check out what to do in Utrecht on

Where to go in Utrecht

Dom District - Domkwartier

In most old European cities, the city center stretches around a central church. You are off to a great start in Utrecht, if you find yourself on the Dom square (Domplein), looking up to the highest bell tower of the Netherlands, Dom Tower of Utrecht with its 465 stairs. Just a short bike ride from the Dom, you can reach the unique wharfs of Oudegracht and Museum Speelklok too. If you are longing for a stroll, check out Zadelstraat, the oldest shopping street of Utrecht.

Lunetten - Utrecht Science Park

Only a 15 minute bike-ride south from Utrecht Centraal train station, lies Lunetten. This neighbourhood came to life as an urban experiment in the 1970’s, to function as a people-focused area, for example with dead end streets for children to play safely. Today Lunetten is the entrance to Utrecht Science Park and also a gateway to the city. Pro tip: get off the train at Lunetten station and take a Donkey Bike to Utrecht Centraal.

‘De Stijl’ - A day trip on bikes

If you are looking for some great activity or thinking about exploring the outskirts of Utrecht, you can embark on a 42 kilometer bike ride from Utrecht to Amersfoort and soak in the beauty and history of the Dutch De Stijl architecture. Additionally, you can also take the Cycle Route de Stijl, a 20 kilometer cycle path along sculptures by Dutch artist Boris Tellegen. Fill in your bucket list by taking notes from this post, that covers what to see on the bike ride to De Stijl.

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