Danish crash course by How Far From Home

After a somewhat exhausting chase for finding our global Donkey bike ambassador in spring 2017, and with a small change of plans we put our hooves on two in one. For the care, creativity and aesthetics behind each project and for the fun personalities on each side of the camera.

In the summer we embarked on #TourDeDonkey with How Far From Home to showcase all that Donkey cities can offer on two wheels, from the viewpoint of two creative minds. Chanel and Steve – both from the creative advertising industry – quit their 9-5 jobs and left South Africa in 2015 for a journey that is ongoing ever since.

The best way to explore and get around in cities is – no question – by bike. On two wheels you can stop anytime to breathe in the sights, take the fastest route and make human contacts. Cycling makes getting around joyful and it is as flexible as it can get. At home and also on your travels.
This is what we aim to show with How Far From Home through #TourDeDonkey, focusing on a theme in each city. If you need inspiration for your next destination, guaranteed these will give you itchy feet.

1st stop: “A taste of Copenhagen on two wheels”

In the past years Denmark has made it to the top of the Nordic food scene so the idea of touring the best food places in Copenhagen came natural to Chanel and Steve. Check out a list of yummy Scandi treasures that can be enjoyed on a bike – think “one hand on the handlebar, one holding onto your kanelsnegle” kind of city explorations. Read on…

Starting the day in downtown Copenhagen with a light breakfast to leave space for a plant-based quinoa burger at Papirøen, and closing the adventures with a glass of natural wine out in the abandoned area of Refshaløen. All within 15-20 minutes on Donkey-back.

Another typical Danish way of kicking off a day is to jump in the saddle and enjoy a beautiful creation of smørrebrod with carefully selected toppings. The Danes are proud of the open face sandwich concept and they master the art of toppings. Never call it a “sandwich” in public though. Potatoes and sweets are very much part of the lifestyle here so if it’s a cheat day, it must include fries and vegan Nice cream.

Donkey Republic bike-share Copenhagen

There you go, the famous danish kanelsnegle in one hand, the handlebar in the other – no special skills required. However in order not to lose all the pickles from your hotdog you need somewhat better hand-eye-mouth coordination especially if you pick Magstræde, the oldest street in Copenhagen for your ride. Luckily, strawberry tart goes in one bite, right?

Having coffee while cycling is a usual scene in Copenhagen, after all cycling is a way of life and a routine. Just like tasting a Mikkeller beer, a local brand that spread around the world with its specialty brews. Goes great with a pulled duck burger.

Check the cycling rules in Denmark
Get a bike in Copenhagen
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