5 reasons why you’ll want to experience Copenhagen on a bike

1. Well, first of all, the city is basically built for it. Huge bike lanes, bike cross lights and cars that will actually look out for you. It doesn’t get better than that. Very often, when I bike through the city I think of our dear local politicians working to make my ride so much easier. By many crossings they’ve even set up a small stand, where you can rest your foot, I mean come on. How awesome is that?

Bike lanes everywhere!
Bike lanes everywhere!

2. If you’ve travelled a lot, I’m sure you’ve tried this; you want to go see some tourist attraction, so you go into the metro, sit there for 30 minutes, walk out, find the attraction, look at it for five minutes, take a few pictures and then… head back into the metro. A serious waste of time, but even worse we probably missed out on loads being underground. And in this way, Copenhagen is no different than any city – the most exciting things are really just around the corner, don’t miss out being underground.

Biking along the lakes is never a bad idea. It's a beautiful idea - literally.
Biking along the lakes is never a bad idea. It’s a beautiful idea – literally.

3. Copenhagen is not the biggest city in the world and also, it’s flat. A super important fact when you’re biking, because it actually means you can arrive to the party without having to take a shower before you hit the bar. It also means that even if you go from one end to the other, it probably won’t take you more than 30 minutes. And most time you’re not really going from one end to the other, so it will probably take you 20 minutes to go to most places.

bike straight to the bar without breaking a sweat
bike straight to the bar without breaking a sweat

4. Copenhagen is filled with parks, and you are actually allowed to take your bike through quite a few of them (your bike is welcome in all parks, it’s just in some of them you can’t actually be on the bike). However, Fælledparken, Østre Anlæg and Assistens are all wide open for a bike ride, making it both quick, green and pretty to ride through the city.

You can BBQ here as well. But that's probably more fun in the summer time.
You can BBQ here as well. But that’s probably more fun in the summer time.

5. It will make you feel like home. To me, this may be one of the very best things about biking. It really makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger, something local, something greater than just me, something good. Most important, it makes me feel like I’m part of Copenhagen, and I contribute to making this city an absolutely wonderful place to live. And you will too. And if you dare, you may high-five your fellow bikers, for you are both awesome.

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