Privacy Policy

When a user creates a profile or makes use of Donkey Republic’s website (“Website”) and mobile application (“App”), Donkey Republic collects and processes information about that user of Donkey Republic services (“User”). In this regard, Donkey Republic acts as data controller.

The protection of the User’s personal data is very important to Donkey Republic and in the following the User finds a description of the personal data which Donkey Republic gathers, for which purpose Donkey Republic uses the information, how long and how Donkey Republic store the information and if such information is shared with others.

Donkey Republic is compliant to GDPR. Read more on our GDPR compliance here.


1. What kind of personal data does Donkey Republic collect?

Donkey Republic gathers information about the User’s name, email address, telephone number and payment details, which the User provides to Donkey Republic via the Website and/or App.

Furthermore, the User accepts that information on the User´s route, length and duration in connection with use of bicycles is registered for:

  • Improving pricing, available locations and service by understanding the average amount of time a User spends actually using the bike;
  • Learning about Users’ popular destinations, which Donkey Republic may choose to engage in a commercial relation with, based on the popularity of the destination; and
  • Learning about popular destinations for planning of new locations for bicycles to be available via the App.

The User also accepts that Donkey Republic is entitled to contact the User regarding payment issues and operational issues regarding the use of bicycles, Website and App.


2. For which purposes does Donkey Republic use the user’s personal data?

The User’s personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

  • to process the User’s request
  • to handle feedback
  • to send newsletters to the User,
  • to contact the User if so requested,
  • to answer any inquiries,
  • to improve the contents of the Website and App,
  • for statistical purposes about the Users’ use of the Website and App,
  • to charge and invoice the User for the use of bicycles, and
  • to communicate to the User the starting time of rental, if a bicycle rental has expired and charges made to the User’s account.


3. Does Donkey Republic pass on the user’s personal data to others?

Donkey Republic may transfer the personal data which the User provides on the Website and App to 3rd parties, but only to the extent and to whom it is necessary, in order for Donkey Republic to provide the User with the service requested, e.g. in connection with connecting a user with a bicycle owner.

Therefore, the User’s personal data may – by way of example – be transferred to:

(i) Donkey Republic’s suppliers (e.g. suppliers of services, technical support, delivery services and financial institutions); or
(ii) Other 3rd parties if so required by law, court order or by previous legislation.

Donkey Republic may sell and acquire businesses or assets. In connection with such transactions, customer information will with reference to this Privacy Policy be passed on to the buyer acquiring Donkey Republic’s business or assets or to companies that Donkey Republic may acquire.


4. For how long does Donkey Republic store the user’s personal data?

The User’s personal data is stored for as long as the User has an active account with Donkey Republic. The User’s account is regarded inactive, if the User has not made use of the account for 36 consecutive months, after which point in time the User’s data will be completely anonymized and no longer stored.


5. What kind of precautionary measures does Donkey Republic take?

Donkey Republic takes precautionary measures of technical and organizational nature to protect the User’s personal data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access from unauthorized persons. The precautionary measures are revised on a regular basis in accordance with the technological development and up to date technical equipment.


6. What rights does the user have according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Donkey Republic’s compliance with GDPR, including User’s rights are described here.


8. Contact details

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