Bike rental in Neuchâtel

You can rent a Donkey Bike for longer than just a ride.

How it works

Rent a bike in a few clicks

Get the app to rent a bike from many locations, in many cities.

Unlock your rental bike

Find your bike at the pick-up location and unlock with the app.

Ride and keep the bike

Short or long rentals. Lock and unlock your bike as much as you like.

Return the rental bike

Return the rental bike to an available drop-off location, lock it and end your rental with the app.

Rent a bike in Neuchâtel

Cycling in Neuchâtel

Rent a Donkey bike in Neuchâtel to discover the 1000 year old city and its neighbouring area. Use the opportunity to make a trip and have a rest along the lake of Neuchâtel. Getting around on a bike will help you get the most out of your visit in Neuchâtel.

Not just a Donkey

Having access to Donkey bikes in Neuchâtel gives you so much more. Become a year member and benefit of many cultural advantages: win access to festivals, concerts or theatre, get a discount in museums and for boat trips.

Explore Neuchâtel by bike

Once you get your hooves on a two-wheeled companion, you are all set to explore history and art, enjoy delicious food and lakeside picnics. Rent a bike in Neuchâtel and experience what the city and the region have to offer.

Our Partners

Neuchâtelroule is operations partner to Donkey Republic in Neuchâtel. It is also a renting place based on the station du Port. The annual Donkey Republic Neuchâtel membership gives you free access to 100 bikes (child and adult) for a day. You can also get a special price on e-bikes, cargo bikes, penny-farthing or bikes for disabled people.
Station du Port is open daily from April till September between 8 – 21h and is located at the Esplanade Leopold-Robert 1, CH-2000 Neuchâtel.

Cycling rules

In safe hands

When you see people doing hand acrobatics on their bikes, it means they’re trying to communicate with you. One hand straight up means stopping, right hand to the side means turning right, left hand to the side… you get the drill. Use these hand signals while you ride your rental bike.

Bike helmets

In Switzerland, bike helmets are not mandatory. Therefore, protecting your brain is totally your call. If you decide to do it, go to Neuchâtelroule and show your Donkey Bike booking – they’ll give you a helmet for the day for free.

Let there be light

As soon as the sun sets, turn on the lights on your rental bike. This is to avoid a serious fine (CHF 40.-) as well as, you know, falling off your face. Good news; our bikes are normally set up with automatically lights.

Fall in line

Riding two abreast is forbidden on roads – always ride in single lines. On a mixed path for bikes and pedestrians, you are allowed to ride, but must take care of pedestrians.

Parking your rental bike

You must park your rental bike in designated bike racks. If you park your bike on a footpath, you have to leave a track of 1.5m for pedestrians.

Stay sober or park your bike

Don’t even think about cycling under the influence of alcohol or drugs – you’ll face a hefty fine if you do, not to mention the risk of an accident. Also, well, we don’t want a smashed up rental bike ☺

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