Rotterdam bike share

How long do you need a bike for? Check the average price below:

1 day is 12 EUR

Cycling regularly?

Sign up for a membership to access bikes for free every day!

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Bike share options

Choose between a fixed monthly fee for unlimited free usage (up to 12 hours/day) or cheap rentals from time to time.

*You can return the bike to any available drop-off location shown in the app.

Bike-share member benefits

Quality bikes

Quality bikes

Access to thousands of light and comfortable city bikes you can unlock with a tap on your phone. Theft insurance is included.

Keep the bike

Keep the bike

You can rent a shared-bike for longer than just a ride. Lock the bike when you get to work/the supermarket/a party and it will be waiting for you when you leave.

Always nearby

Always nearby

There are many pick-up and drop-off locations available around your city! Whenever you’re in need, check the Donkey Republic app and find the nearest shared-bike.

Home and away

Home and away

As a bike-share member you can rent bikes in any Donkey Republic city. Think about Copenhagen, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, and many more on two wheels!

OK, sign me up!

Open the Donkey Republic app, go to the Account tab and become a member today.




Do I need to live in Rotterdam?

No. Rotterdam memberships are available for all Dutch residents. You only need to use a valid Dutch payment card to sign up. In order for the app to show you the relevant membership plans available, you must be within 50km of Rotterdam.

Can I drop the bike anywhere?

Almost. During your rental, you can lock your bike anywhere. At the end of the rental, you must return the bike to an available drop-off location shown in the app. This is to make sure bikes are kept orderly and don’t end up trashing your city! So remember to take care in parking your bike and consider your fellow cyclists and pedestrians.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can always cancel your membership in the app – here’s how. Your member status will be revoked immediately. You will still be able to rent Donkey bikes from then on, just not for free 🙂

Keep in mind that we can’t give partial refunds for the remaining time in your current billing period. If you paid a yearly Commuter subscription, the same applies. Unless we have screwed up big time, we don’t issue partial refunds for the remaining time after you cancel.

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