World Ocean Day – Bike for the Ocean

Each year there is more and more attention towards sustainability and climate change. Something which we see as the future. This year on June 8th, marks World Ocean Day. While you can and should take a look at how to help the world whenever possible, World Ocean Day is a day to heighten awareness and go out to actively protect and admire the world oceans.

Around the world there are events set up from speeches, kids event, to cleaning and marching. Something for the entire family to enjoy and be proud of.  While many see us as a company that simply makes micromobility easier, at the core we are a company about sustainability.

We want to do our part in cutting pollution and preserving the planet for future generations, going as far as building some of our newest bikes (E-bikes) with sustainability in mind. This is why we encourage all to do what they can and offer a discount on bike rentals during this period to make getting to one of the events near you easy and in a sustainable way.

You can find a list of events at the UNESCO website  

To take advantage of our discount code, simply download our app and use the code: BIKETOOCEAN for a free 30 minutes rental. ( One time code per user)

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