E-scooters in Herning

You can rent a Donkey for longer than just a single ride

When you ride an e-scooter, follow the signs and rules for cyclists


Push off the ground to get your e-scooter started, then adjust your speed with the toggle on the handlebar.


Only ride in bike lanes and check that the lights of your e-scooter are working before you start your journey.


If you want to stop to pop in somewhere, simply lock the e-scooter without ending your rental.


When you don’t need the e-scooter anymore, park it nicely in a Donkey drop-off location and end your rental in the app.

The latest breed of the Donkey Republic fleet

Driven by the same, responsible and reliable operation standards, Donkey E-scooters have to be returned to Donkey Republic drop-off locations too. Being part of the Donkey Republic means that we do not only care for Donkey riders but we also care for those who don’t ride Donkeys (yet).

Since we care for what you are riding on, we also made sure our first generation e-scooters have:

  • swappable batteries
  • collected with e-cargo bikes
  • charged with green energy

Danish rules for riding e-scooters

At least 15 years old

You must be at least 15 years old or be with an adult when you use an e-scooter.

Ridin' solo

One person per e-scooter. Riding an e-scooter with two people at a time risks your own and your co-rider’s safety, not to mention, you are in the game for a hefty fine.

No alcohol

Only get on an e-scooter when you are sober. Your maximum blood-alcohol level cannot be higher than 0.5‰, however we recommend you not to drink alcohol at all before you drive any vehicles.

Liability insurance

When you rent an e-scooter, liability insurance is required by law. Don’t worry… we have already included it with every rental at no extra cost.

Who are we?

Donkey Republic started from the cycling capital Copenhagen, with the mission to transform how people get around in cities all over the world.  With a fleet of 15.000 vehicles across 70 cities, our core business remains making pedal bikes accessible. With a growing e-bike fleet and limited number of e-scooters we want to show the world, that electric micro-mobility can be done in a sustainable, reliable and affordable manner.