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Are you interested in getting bikes for your city? We can help!

We are Donkey Republic, a Copenhagen based bike-share startup with 5 years of experience in operating bike shares across Europe with our high-quality city bikes and Apps.

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We run our bike-share system in the greatest cycling cities in Europe, including Copenhagen, Utrecht and Rotterdam. You can see all our cities here and read more about us here.

The current Coronavirus pandemic has huge effects on cities, especially on transportation systems. People have moved away from public transport while unnecessary travel is not recommended in most European cities. Authorities recommend cycling as a low-risk mode of getting around these days and many cities have implemented temporary cycling infrastructure to support and prove those right that are re-thinking their mobility in the current situation.

Are you interested in getting bikes for your city and changing your city’s mobility?

We have seen numerous successes working together with cities. We would like to offer our expertise to consult on re-thinking how your citizens get around and provide you with our adaptive bike-share service. 

It is our hope that this can help with a gradual reopening of cities, with less pressure on public transport and an opportunity for a little exercise after the lock-down. We offer our bike share with a very low fee structure that any city can afford.

Set up a bike-share for your city within a month

Our app-based system is very flexible and we can launch in any European city within a month.

  • From as few as 100 bikes 
  • As low as 40 EUR per month per bike 
  • From partnership to bikes on the street within a month

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What other cities have done in unprecedented times

The benefit of bicycles in a crisis can clearly be seen from some cities who made the most out of them. Both the Danish government and the German Health Minister recommended cycling as a lower-risk mode of transport to get to necessary appointments – Berlin even saw larger temporary bike-lanes being installed and the state bike-share system was being offered for free as a mobility alternative. 

London also stepped up by providing free bike-rides to its healthcare workers with docking stations near hospitals prioritised to ensure a regular supply of bikes.

Citizens of New York opted for bicycles to avoid crowded trains and the city saw a 52% spike in cycling.

The benefits of setting up bikes for your city

The benefits of setting up bikes for your city are more obvious than ever:

Air quaility
Since the pandemic has forced cities into lockdown and because unnecessary travel is not recommended, car traffic has decreased. Therefore air quality has significantly improved in our cities. This makes it clear that our air quality depends a lot on our city transportation systems.

Active mobility and exercise
Apart from maintaining better air quality, cycling also offers an active way of getting around, a flexible and individual way of exercising in the outdoors.

Fast and cheap implementation
Implementing new cycling infrastructure is significantly faster and cheaper than building roads for cars. Many cities have installed temporary bike lanes and lowered public bike-share prices within hours and days.

Helping essential workers

We are very grateful to the healthcare professionals, social workers and those in essential jobs who are keeping our cities running. Given the infectious nature of the virus, riding a bicycle to and from work is still a lot safer than the shared transport space. For this reason, we have kept our Donkey Bikes available for those who are dependent on micro-mobility for necessary travel.

In Spain and the Netherlands, we support hospitals directly. If you know of a hospital that could benefit from having free access to bicycles, do not hesitate to put us in touch.

In Budapest, Hungary we support volunteer centres, so they can offer free access to Donkey Bikes to those that offer their help for the community. This includes volunteers for food delivery and elderly care.